Alert Messages

This feature allows you to add a temporary alert message that will be prominently displayed on every page of your site in the event of an emergency or if you have other important information that you would like to broadcast to visitors of your site.

To enable an alert message:

From the main menu click KARERE MATOHI ( 'Alert Messages'. ) in red.
If an alert message is currently enabled, you will see a copy of the current message that is being displayed on the site.
If the Alert message is not currently enabled, you will see a button labeled '**Click here to Enable or Disable an Alert Message**'.
Set the status of the Alert Message from the drop down:
'Not enabled' will effectively remove the message from your site and is used to 'turn off' the alert.
'Generic Message - Green' is for non emergency, or all-clear messages. These messages will display on your site with a green background.
'Alert Message - Red' is for used in emergency situations. These messages will display on your site with a red background.
Give your message a title.
You can also choose an icon if you wish, from the drop down.
You can choose to display the message at the top or along the bottom of the screen via the position drop down- just bear in mind depending on the navigation and menu on your site, this message may block access to menu items. In this case experiment with the best position to have the message.
Enter the body of your alert message in the message field. This can now be customised using the built in editor. At the bottom of this page you will find several generic messages that you can copy and paste into the field and modify to to fit your situation.
As described above, you can disable your message manually by selecting the alert status '**Not enabled'. Setting the the 'Completion Date**' field allows you you set a date and time when the alert message will automatically be set to '**Not enabled' and remove the message from your site.
Once you have set all the options as required, click 'Save'. Depending on which status you chose, your message will now display or be removed from your site.

Please note, the video displayed is currently our previous content management system, we will be updating the videos to the show the new look content management system soon. The functions are very similar however.
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