Here at SchoolPoint, we get a lot of user based feedback on our modules to improve the functionality of them. We do make small changes/ improvements regularly to our products, to try to cater for everyone's needs and requests.
Below are some points to note/ tips/ hints for creating and setting up your conference, which we are adding to regularly when anything changes, to keep you informed of these changes and how they may benefit you and your conference.

Mentor Classes

When adding staff to a Mentor conference, you can add a "Display Name" at this time, which will appear next to the Staff member. For example, if you wanted to call a staff member "TEACHER A", this would be above their actual name, in the Display Name field. When you then add a student to that staff member, you can do the same at this time, so the student will log in a see TEACHER A, but not necessarily know who they are making a booking with. See screen shots below.
Ideal for: conferences where you might have multiple teachers available but not sure who on the day, will be meeting with the student

Display Name

Student View of Display name
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