If you have enabled Student Course Confirmation you can now see and export their data. 

From the Administration (if you have full permissions), you can click in the Main Menu and select COURSE CONFIRMATIONS. 

From there you will see an overview, a details screen, and an export option.


This shows you basic count statistics. 

 - Number of students who have logged in

- Number of confirmed courses

- Percentage Ratio

- Last 5 active students.


This screen lists all students and their courses. It will show the student details, course codes/names and if the student has confirmed that course.

When a student confirms a course they have the option to write a note. You will be able to see this, and the date the note was enterd. 


This allows you to export the above data and additional student data into a spreadsheet for further use, such as: reporting, filtering or graphing.
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