Many schools have been asking about the ability to allow students to select their courses and time tables via Semesters, as a lot of schools run courses in semesters not just as full year courses .
We have worked recently in conjunction with some schools to make this an option now as part of SchoolPoint.


Set up courses as you would ordinarily do, but add the Semester A or B etc after the course name. You can use the same course name for each of the semesters, but need to ensure you have a different KAMAR code for each. You can customise the names as they display under Settings => Labels. You may want to call them Semester A or Semester 1 etc.
When setting up the learning area for the course, ensure you include each semester as a separate learning area, so the selection rules will work and allow the students to only pick a certain amount of courses from semester A and a certain amount for semester B. Choose you KAMAR TT lines you wish each course to go into when adding/editing the course.

Course Set up - Semesters

Below is an example of courses which have been set up via Semesters:

Semester Set up Example

Once the lines and Semesters have been set up how you want them, your students can go in and choose their courses via Semesters and time table lines accordingly. Remember to ensure in your Course Selection Settings that you allow by year level, which students can select via line selection. If this is set to no they won't see option lines.
You can also now set up for SchoolPoint to check for line conflicts before allowing selection of a course

Check for course line conflicts per year level

Student View of time table set up.

Locking Selections
Once the first Semester/ Rotation is completed, you can now bulk LOCK all the student selections so they can now pick for the next semester that TT year:

Settings => Course Selection => current year selecting (so for example current year 9s picking for year 9)
Settings => Administration (left menu) => LOCK Selections THEN:
Settings => Course Selection => (Year level) alter/ increase how many courses can now be picked => SAVE

LOCK Subject selections for next semester rotation
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