_Basic Steps: Disable Course Selection => Sync with KAMAR_

We need to disable the Course Selection/ close access to SchoolPoint so that Students can no longer make any changes

**How do I disable Course Selection?**

=> Navigate to "Settings" in the left hand navigation.

=> Scroll down to "Year X going into Year x for 20XX" and restrict access per year by selecting "no" for "Yr X Can Students select courses".

=> Once you have closed access to SchoolPoint, you can begin the sync to KAMAR.

Note: With the correct permissions, staff can still go in under the admin view to see students selections/ move them around/ add courses or remove courses, even though course selection is disabled for students and caregivers. Permissions needed: "Move Students from their Selected Course" / "See Students in Courses". Search Student (don't log in as though) => Courses => Add courses/ remove courses/ approve exemptions.

**How do I Sync to KAMAR?**##

=> Navigate to "Reports" in the left hand navigation.

=> Select "Sync to KAMAR" in the sub menu.

=> Select which year level/s you would like to sync.

=> Click the "SYNC NOW" button.

If you do not have this button, check in your settings that your KAMAR Portal URL has been entered. Alternatively do not hesitate to contact us for any assistance.

**How do I test the Sync to KAMAR?**

=> Select one year level

=> Click the "SYNC NOW" button.

=> The window will refresh with a report as to how many records were transferred and then display a complete message.

=> Make a note one of the transferred student IDs for the next step..

=> Once the transfer is complete you can switch to KAMAR and verify that the course selections have been transferred.

**How do I know Course Selections have been transferred?**

=>In KAMAR, change to the next years timetable

=> Navigate to "Admin"

=> Select "Student Changes"

=> Select "[Student ID]" (from steps above)

=> Select "Subjects" and verify that new course selections have been entered for that student.

=> Once you have verified that the transfer has been successful, return to SchoolPoint, select the remaining year levels, and sync again.

NOTE: There is an order which the courses will sync across for each student. If you have Timetabling switched on and the students have selected their courses and put in the timetable lines, they will go across first. Secondly- if students have been allowed to select courses by priority and not timetable lines they will go across, and thirdly by the order the courses were chosen by the students, if no timetable lines or priority orders were chosen.
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