The aim of this optional setup is to assist students with avoiding timetable clashes

When setting up a course you have the option to set which lines that course will be available for students when selecting their courses.

If you have this optional setup you can then 'Enable Line Selection' for students in your 'Settings' area.

When enabled this will change the display for students of the courses they have selected into grids

Students will be able to set which courses will fall into which lines.

This will help students avoid any timetable clashes.

There are 3 trains of thought on this:

Don't use Line Selection
Set your lines up based on the last/current years lines
Leave these open first, let students make selections, then set lines based on what has been selected in a first round of selections, then enable line selection so students and caregivers can go back and shuffle their selection.
All the options are valid.
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