**Export Assessments in bulk from KAMAR into the Calendar**

There is now a feature which allows you to bulk export assessments from KAMAR via the Assessment Calendar. These will show on the calendar of the staff member assigned to the assessment/ subject, and also appear on the students' assessment calendar accordingly. Follow the instructions below as per the KAMAR screen shots in order to do this.

Firstly, in KAMAR Setup / Users / Access make sure the staff member has Setup and Subjects ticked

Then go to Setup / Subjects / Setups

Enter the year level that you want to export and then Find

Print Setup

 Screen Shot 2020 03 09 At 11 47

You’ll see the Individual pages but export using the Excel icon

 Screen Shot 2020 03 09 At 11 47

This will give you a large excel file which you can manipulate accordingly. Filter on whichever details you want and delete anything else you don't want.

Standard # = zc_TypeDisplay

Assessment Method

Assessment Date

TT Code = Subjects::TTCode

Teacher in Charge = Subjects::zc_Teacher_in_Charge

Ensure the column names/ headers match this exact format of:


Once this is done, go to SchoolPoint => Settings => Assessment Calendar Settings, then "Choose File" to upload the .CSV file.

This should only take a few seconds to import into SchoolPoint. Please ensure the date format is valid e.g dd/mm/yyyy.
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