Adding Extra Curricular Courses

These are great for setting up short term courses/ sports/ crafts/ hobbies and other elective classes.

Firstly you will need to enable the Extra Curricular Module in SchoolPoint.
Settings => Modules => Extra Curricular => Enable

Click on the Extra Curricular Menu item on the left.
Add the New area with the NEW button top left. Much like SchoolPoint Course Selection itself, you can add Learning Areas/ Departments, and also Courses/Subjects and name them what you wish, applicable to your school's format.
Create the course/subjects to go under each Learning Area/Department.

Under OVERVIEW, select the minimum and maximum selections that each year level can choose from. If the course is Enabled it is viewable by the student once navigation is turned on.
There is now a new column for the student to select courses as backups- which is useful if they end up not being able to select their preferable courses.
The COST blocks mean how many lines the course takes up for the student.

Ensure that the Student Navigation is turned on for the appropriate year level so the students can easily navigate when they log in, to select their courses.
Once the student logs in, they will then have the option to choose from the Extra Curricular courses, and prioritise them accordingly if they wish. These can be removed if needed.

Extra Curricular Overview

Manage Extra Curricular

Below is the student view:

Student View Extra Curricular
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