The calendar view in SchoolBridge gives you a handy overview of upcoming events and EOTC permission Slips. You also added the ability to publish these events to external calendar systems.

Any form that you create in SchoolBridge can have an optional overall date field that when set, requires the submitter to tag their submission with a date or date range. Typically this would be the date on which an EOTC event is proposed to occur or a day personal leave is requested etc. Permission slips always require an event date.

SchoolBridge has a convenient calendar view that allows you to see any of these date-tagged submissions and permissions slips spread out over a calendar grid.

Calendar Feeds

To help you get more out of this information, we have added the ability to create calendar feeds of your forms and permission slips. This allows you to publish the events to and digital calendar system that supports subscribing to calendar feeds (Google Calendar, Apple Calendar, Outlook etc)

The calendar feeds links are accessed via the settings page.

Once you have the feed link, add it to your calendar app.

Subscribing to a feed in your favourite calendar app gives you an at-a-glance overview of everything that is coming up and the ability to share them with colleaguescolleagues. Currently there are separate feeds for form submissions, active permission slips, and a feed that combines the two.
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