_Basic Steps: Setup Permissions => Allocate Staff members _

If you would like staff members to view individual courses (and the students signed up for them) but not make any changes to the course information, you can enable a special setting that prevents staff from being able to edit courses.

**How to restrict Permissions**

=> Navigate to "Settings" in the left hand navigation.

=> This should automatically take you to your "General Settings" page.

=> Under the "General Settings" section, scroll down until you can see the "Course Selection" section.

=> Look for "Allow Staff (Non super admin) to edit Learning Areas/Courses".

=> Tick "No".

=> Click "Save Changes".

Note: When this setting is set to 'no' only staff members who are super admins will be able to make course changes.

How to setup viewing and moving Students Selections:

=> With the above permissions you can also allow the users to view which students have selected each course.

=> They can do this by viewing the course and then viewing the data table at the bottom of it.

=> They will need the following additional permission: See & Move Students.

How to setup Permissions by Learning Area:

=> Navigate to "Users" in the left hand navigation.

=> Select the Staff member/s that you would like to set up Permissions for.

=> Select the "Edit" button if you are only creating a Permission for one Staff member, alternatively select the "Bulk Edit" button for multiple Staff members.

=> Select the check box for your Learning Area.

=> Click "Save".

Note: If "Manage Selected Learning Areas ONLY" is ticked, then it is a requirement to also tick either "View Courses" or "Edit Courses" so that either the editing function is available to the Staff Member, or view only. They must tick one of these options before they will see their list of courses.
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