_Basic Steps: Setup Permission Groups => Allocate Staff members _

Create your Permission Group

=> Navigate to "Users" in the left hand navigation.

=> Select "Permission Groups" in the sub menu.

=> Select the "Add New Permission Group button

=> Complete the fields for Group Name and Group Description

=> Save

=> Scroll down to find your new group

=> Select the permissions that you would like to allocate for this group

Allocate Staff to your new Permission Group / Update Staff Permissions

=> Navigate to "Users" on the left hand side navigation bar

=> Select the staff member/ members that you would like to allocate this new Permission Group to.

=> Select the "Bulk Edit" button.

=> Select the check box for your new group.

=> Save.

Permission Group Conflicts / Multiple Permission Groups

Please note that if you have staff in multiple permission groups, certain permissions will override others. See below

"View and not modify courses" WILL override permission "Edit courses".
"View and not modify courses" WILL override the "Manage costs/ contributions limits on courses", therefore NOT allow course costs to be editable.
Move students from their selected course" needs to be selected to allow Staff to add students to courses/ move from courses.

Permissions and Conferences
When staff are assigned to a conference they will have automatic access to their own bookings and students, and be able to move their times and add students etc.
In order to be able to view the whole conference- so all staff and times, or create and edit the whole conference, then they will need the permission in Settings => Permission Groups => Conference Bookings; then "Create Conferences" checked.
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