Setting up Tutor Teachers/Classes

Basic Steps: Setup your Conference => Manage your Tutor Teachers => Assign a Tutor Class

Allowing students to be able to see and select times for a conference can be setup when creating a Conference / when managing a Conference.

How to assign your Tutor Teacher to classes:

=> Navigate to "Student Conferences" in the left hand navigation.

=> Select "Tutor Teachers" in the side menu.

=> In this screen, you will be presented with all active Staff members from KAMAR.

=> Click on the "Sync from KAMAR" button on the top right - this will try match this for you, after which you are able to fill in any gaps.

=> Assign a Tutor Class to your Staff member.

=> Click the "Update" button.

If a staff member's name appears twice in the list under the conference- it will be because they were manually added at some stage, possibly as a mentor. Just go in and click the red "REMOVE" button under the manually added line and they will only be there once and see only their conference.

NOTE: If a Staff member does not appear after a KAMAR Sync, or they are missing classes which they have in KAMAR, there is now the option to view Teaching Staff member's timetables which have synced through from KAMAR data. If the class is not in the list, then will need to DELETE the list and run the KAMAR sync again. USERS => KAMAR Staff Sync => Search the Teaching Staff member=> Click MANAGE=> if a subject doesn't show on the right under Timetable Options => click the red DELETE button => KAMAR Staff Sync => Sync ALL Users from KAMAR.

If you want to allow students to book more than one time with the same teacher, for example if the teacher takes multiple classes, then:

=> Settings

=> Student Conferences Settings

=> "Choose to allow or disallow students to book same teacher with different class"

Note: Staff do not require permissions to access or make bookings for students with themselves. They are automatically added to the conference and thus have access. Unless they are an administrator, they should only see their own details/ time slots and students when they log in.

How to set up a Conference with a Teacher Manually (Mentor Teacher)

This is great for instances where you want a couple of teachers to be able to book a conference, with a select group of students. It does not sync from KAMAR data so you can add a teacher(s) and manually add the students to the teacher.

This is done the same way as setting up a regular conference, however you do not sync from KAMAR, and need to choose MENTORS from the "Type of Conference" on creation. See below:

Mentors Conference

There is now a setting to allow SINGLE bookings only

If you have multiple Mentor teachers available, but you only want students to book ONCE with ONE teacher, then just select "Single Booking Only" under the Edit Conference section:

Single Booking Only

Create Staff "Unavailable" Time Blocks

Basic Steps: Setup your Conference => Block out times

This allows students to be able to see and select times for a conference and can be setup when creating a Conference / when managing a Conference.

=> Navigate to "Student Conferences" in the left hand navigation.

=> Select "Manage" next to the Conference that you would like to alter.

=> Select the "Show Times" button.

=> Select the "Edit Times" button.

=> Select the time/s that you would like to block out. There is now the ability to allow staff to block their own times out and Admin can limit these accordingly. Admin can still go in and book additional breaks however, the limit does not apply to them, as full administrators.

=> Click "Save", you should receive a notification advising that "Your times have been booked out".

Note: Staff will not get notified of bookings each time one is made- they simply need to log in to see bookings made with them under their own names.

There is the ability to Export the bookings so staff can see who has booked with them, and when.

Permissions and Conferences
When staff are assigned to a conference they will have automatic access to their own bookings and students, and be able to move their times and add students etc.
In order to be able to view the whole conference- so all staff and times, or create and edit the whole conference, then they will need the permission in Settings => Permission Groups => Conference Bookings; then "Create Conferences" checked.

If a Teacher is unable to attend a conference/ cancelling staff bookings
If for some reason a member of staff is no longer able to attend their conference and bookings have already been made, you can click the CANCEL button beside the staff member and it will bring up a customisable email field. Customise this to explain reasons for cancelling and send to caregivers.
There is also an Access Log under Users => Access Log which will show the staff member who cancelled the staff's bookings and show a list of caregiver emails the email has gone out to. In the event that there is no record showing after sending the emails, please contact our help desk for us to ensure the emails have been sent.
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