Choosing to Allow Students to Select Courses in Lines for Timetabling

We do offer the ability within SchoolPoint to allow timetabling, so your students can pick courses in a timetable fashion to make it easier for you to plan courses/ numbers of students and days to offer classes on etc. Please also see our new help guide on doing "Course Selection via Semesters".
Firstly, you will need to select the setting which allows line selection when picking courses firstly from the Admin View under Settings => Course Selection.

You can now turn the timetable lines selection on and off per year level if you wish, under Settings => Course selection => per year level

Settings => Course Selection Settings => Enable Line Selection Set up in Admin, and also Enable Student Line Selection when Selecting Courses.

Edit course => Scroll down and find Timetabling. Here you can select which line the course will appear on, bearing in mind that it is current year level you are allowing the selection for. Click Save.

You can also now use sub codes to help with timetabling back to KAMAR. Usable with the Student Course Overview Option
Compulsory Courses with Timetabling Added

For any courses which are compulsory, so for example REQUIRED for all year 10s, these courses will automatically appear when they log in and select "My Courses". They will still be able to select which line on the timetable they wish to take it in, if there are multiple line options for the course.

Student view of Course Timetabling

No Compulsory Courses Entered

If a student first logs in to select their courses, it will only show the line items once they start selecting their courses.

There are reports under Reports => Course Timetable Line Selection to be able to view what lines which students have picked courses on to help with timetabling.

Allocating Subjects to Specific KAMAR timetable lines (NEW)

There is now the ability when using Timetable lines for courses in SchoolPoint, to be able to choose which lines in KAMAR you want the courses to sync across to.

Courses => Edit Course => KAMAR TT Line (Choose from drop down numbers)


OR you can do this in BULK

Courses => Bulk Edit => KAMAR TT Line (Choose from drop down numbers)

Bulk Edit KAMAR TT Lines
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