Allowing Exemptions

You can allow students to request exemptions when adding courses. This means that students can request an exemption to get into a course when they wouldn't ordinarily be able to. They will need to also enter a small note explaining why they wish to take this course.

This is set up under Settings => Course Selection => select yes to "If a student does not meet the requirements or pre-requisites for a course, allow them to request an exemption"

Automatically Created Exemptions

This will be done automatically if the course is full- so when the total number of students allowed to take a course is at the maximum number, they will automatically be advised the course is full, and they can request an exemption, or choose another course.

Edit course details => then add the maximum number of students under : "The maximum number of students to select this course across all option lines".

Managing Exemptions

If you have selected that Teachers in Charge (TiC) can manage exemptions within their own courses- so they will only be able to manage their own areas, then:

Edit Course => Scroll to Teacher in Charge option. Select the staff member in charge of the course. They will then be able to receive exemption request notifications. Also, ensure in their permission group they have ticked "Move students from their selected courses", and "Manage Selected Learning Area Only". Don't select "Manage all Courses Exemption Requests" unless you want them to have access to ALL exemptions in all areas.

Via the "Edit Course" or the "Manage Exemptions" tab, the staff member can enter notes under the exemptions students have requested, under pending requests. Either just save a note for another person to read/ approve, or you can enter a note, Save and Accept and then Archive these approved/declined requests accordingly to filter them out. You can also go into the admin under the search student and approve or decline their exemption there. This will allow you to write a note for the student to see when they log in to check their courses also.

Courses => Manage Exemptions (to allow to also bulk manage)

When you approve an exemption request- your student is automatically added into the exempt course. The Staff or the student will then need to go in to "replace" one of the already selected courses with the exempt course if the student is at their max course selection criteria.

There is now the ability to "Restore Requests" from the Archived area.

Check the notification box under the notes area if you want to notify your student via email about the outcome of their exemption.

Exemption Reports

There are now 4 new reports which you can use to manage/monitor exemption requests. There is also a "Detailed Export by Year Level" Report which allows you to see all the students in a course by year level and their Exemption request notes. 

Export pending exemptions requests
Export archived exemption requests
Export all pending and archived exemption requests
Display all 2021 exemption requests on screen.

Reports => Course Exemption Requests
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