Course Selection- Allowing Students to Log in and Select Courses

Settings => General Settings => "Allow Students/ Caregivers to Login" Select YES if you want them to log in and start selecting their courses, or check NO if not.

If YES you want to allow course selection, then you must also go to Settings => Course Selection Settings => Choose YES- Selection Enabled, by year level (it will go from RED to GREEN)

Note: Please ensure you have changed the drop down as per screen shot, to the CORRECT year you want the students to be picking courses for, to show them the correct information for their year level.

Timetable year settings

Note: You don't have to have all year levels choosing at the same time- it depends on how your school wants to run this

If you DO NOT want courses to be selected:

Settings => General Settings =>"Allow Browsing Learning Areas and Courses without logging in" Select YES if you want students/ caregivers to be able to browse, and FAVOURITE any courses but not SELECT courses, or NO if you do not want them to see any courses.
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